28 Oct 2013

Mmm, 2013 brains are delicious

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2010RVA, you’re brains are delicious!

We were fortunate enough to have the weather cooperate this year and the event ran perfectly. Thanks to everyone (alive and undead) who came out to support us and the American Cancer Society. You all contributed over $500 in donations this year. Fantastic! We appreciate every single penny.

Congratulations to all of our costume contest winners. They really do get harder to judge every year because you guys rock the house like that.

Special thanks to Abigail Larson for her talented work on our event posters. We are very lucky to have her. Stay tuned for next year’s special 10th anniversary poster.

Yes, next year is our 10th anniversary! It’s big deal, so expect big deal things to happen.

Thanks to Colonial Shooting Academy, Richmond Brewery Tours, RVA Magazine, everyone who shared their photographs and videos of the event, and thanks to you – my little rotten walkers.

Stinking smooches to all. Until next year.

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23 Oct 2013

Don’t wipe the blood too soon, Zombie Disco!

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As soon as you’re finished stuffing what’s left of your face full of human fleshy parts at the 9th Annual Richmond Zombie Walk, take a nap until 8pm. Then head on over to the Canal Club where RVA Magazine’s Saturday jam is going to go down. Orchard Lounge presents Zombie Disco!

The best part, from 8-9pm ZOMBIES GET IN FREE!

featuring REINHOLD of Party Liberation Front
The Manhattan Project
Ghost Payne
Dreadlock Robot
Sean Petersen Experiment
and loads more!

Head on over to www.thecanalclub.com for more info. See you there!


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We are proud to be included in RVA Magazine’s annual week-long event Halloweek! Music, parties, karaoke, local brews, bloodshed. You get the picture.

All starting at the Cary Street GRTC Bus Depot this Friday, Oct 18th. Hangar 18 is shaping up to be the most buzzed about Halloween party in town and it benefits Art On Wheels and the RVA Street Art Festival! Pre-sale tickets are available or only $5! I will definitely be there. Look for the bloody chops and red fez!

Click here for more info

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17 Oct 2013

Only the undead are awarded

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Only a few of you lucky undead will lumber away with FABULOUS CASH AND PRIZES!!! Just kidding. There’s no cash. However, we will have a some rather neat prizes and a token trophy to show you that, even though we hunger for human flesh and brains like you, we care.

Here are the categories we’ll be judging. Prizes will be awarded at the pre-walk meet up.

  1. Most Disgusting. Yes it may seem easy to acquire, but you’ll find difficulty in really grossing us out for this one.
  2. Best Couple/Group Theme. Crazed Ghoul Scouts, Beetlejuice and Lydia, Undead ex-Circuit City Employees. All fantastic. You can do better, right?
  3. Best Pop Culture Theme. (TV/Movie/Comic/Gaming) Plants vs. Zombies, The Walking Dead, Star Trek. You get it.
  4. Best Zombie Kid. If there’s one thing that really gets under people’s skin, it’s gross undead children. They’re like rats. They don’t know they’re repulsive. They just are.
  5. 2013 Zombie of the Year (Best Overall) If you’re classically gross, have a witty theme or are pulling off the compound fracture so well you make everyone cringe, you may get the most coveted prize of the event.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at their bloody best on Saturday, October 26th at 1pm at The Landing at Byrd Park. Check us out at our site’s Event Info page or on our Facebook event page for all of the gory details!

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13 Oct 2013

Shop smart, Shop S-mart (but not really)

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Zombie gear at ThinkGeek.com


Admit it. You are a fan of meat. The dead kind that walk around and try to kill you and the kind that smells awesome sizzling in a pan right next to some scrambled eggs.

I often wonder where I can acquire these two kinds of things in a  one-stop shopping experience. Well my friends, Think Geek has got you covered in this regard. They have taken the horror of salted pig flesh and humor of dead people and combined them into a special corner of the internet called “Zombies & Bacon” right over at ThinkGeek.com!

So after you bash some poor sucker of a zombie in the brains with your new Dead On Annihilator Superhammer, you’re going to need to get rid of that virus-ridden stank with a Bacon Scented Air Freshener.

Get you some at ThinkGeek.com. Yup. You’re welcome.


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