1 Oct 2012

Zombie intellect…takes brainnnnnssss #1

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interesting read of the day:

      “The Bokor is a powerful, sinister figure in the Vodou religion. He is distinct from the houngan, or priest, in that he practises the black arts, which include the creation of ouangas and wangas-talismans and charms that house spirits:the ouanga, for the purpose of doing good; and the wanga, to bring bad luck.

                  There are many Hatian folk tails about the Bokor, whose doings are shrouded in mystery, and whose powers are respected and feared. The most disturbing of these is that the bokor can create zombies…”    from ” Zombies: the complete guide to the world of the living dead ” by Zachary Graves

      I thought it was interesting little tidbit into where the idea of a ”Zombie” came from. Stayed tuned for more Zombie intellect from the grave!

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